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Friday, May 20, 2016

Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith, beloved father of Sean, Candice, Regan and Jamie, passed away peacefully on Monday 16th May 2016, surrounded by close family and friends. 

A Celebration of his life will be held on Friday 20th May, at the Church of the Nazarene in Belgravia (behind Reps Theatre) at 11.00 am, followed by a wake at Reps theatre. 

The family would be very grateful if those attending the wake would be kind enough to bring a plate of eats. Doug Smith had a very colourful life so we encourage those attending to please dress accordingly if you wish. Please contact Sean for any other details-

Judy Hermanides

Memorial Notice: At 5 pm on Friday, 20th May, we will be raising a glass to celebrate the life and longstanding friendship of the very special Judy Hermanides who left this world on Saturday, 14th May.  All who knew her are very welcome to join us.  For details please contact Sheena, 0772 329 477. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Anti Hijack Trust

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !

This month has seen vehicles being hijacked as the owner of the vehicle gets out and locking the vehicle in public parking area so be very vigilant that’s you are not being watched. Handbag stolen at the same time which is very stressful,  if you do happen to find cards and documents that could easily been tossed aside please if a contact number is available call the person involved as to obtain new documents is often a very tedious costly exercise. .    If this is not possible hand in at the nearest Police Station. This has happened in more than one public area in Pomona, Borrowdale and Kamfinsa. It also seems that women on their own are the targets. Please be on your guard when driving to the Airport especially at night … 

CASES of theft from vehicles are still a statistic …..  mostly due to total carelessness … do NOT leave valuable items including shopping in full view put all in the BOOT. To just cover up valuables with a jacket or jersey is NOT safety …. if it can be seen through the window it is a prime picking …. Let’s all be sensible and think before leaving things in the vehicle …   it only takes seconds to SMASH & GRAB and it only takes seconds to be wise and put all in the boot and out of view.

Please check that vehicles all travel with the required recently serviced fire extinguisher (every six months) correct honeycomb reflectors on the vehicle and 2 x triangles that reflect on both sides. This will save any aggravation at road blocks. Hopefully the Road Traffic Board has taken up the regulation on space saver/biscuit wheels as spares and informed the Police Traffic Department to alleviate the present chaos on the subject

Attention to all ATM users to be on the  alert as to your surroundings and to not accept ‘help’ whilst using the machine and do NOT give your pin number to anyone, rather wait for the Bank to open and draw the cash.  Do not keep large sums of cash in homes or business premises, arrange for a security company to transport with an armed guard backwards and forwards. 

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !

ANTIIJACK TRUST: Email: or            

 Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

Death notices

Death Notice: It is with immense sadness that my children, Francesca, Joseph and Elizabeth, and I announce the passing away of our sister and daughter, Giulia, who was born in Salisbury and who was only 47 years old, after a long illness (brain cancer).  The cremation ceremony will be held on Wednesday afternoon, 11 May 2016, at Viterbo (Italy) and her ashes will eventually lie in the family tomb at Poggio Mirteto cemetery (Rieti province, Italy). Giulia R. I. P.  Her father, Anthony Tettamanzi. E-mail:

Funeral Notice: Richard Peall – Sadly passed away on Friday 6th May. Funeral will be held on Friday 13th May, at 12pm in the Prince Edwards School Chapel. Wake to follow at 7 Honey Bear Lane.

AA Breakdown assistance

the roadside when you have actually broken down

You may  already have courtesy cover through  your Bank account package, Car manufacturer or your Insurance its always best to JOIN THE AA for Your Motoring Peace Of Mind


We are proud of the quality and world class of our services-but don’t just take our word for it

·       Our trained rescuers  rescues someone every hour and fix minor problems at the roadside

·       You can also enjoy exclusive Member benefits when you join us.

We pride ourselves on offering you everything you need to get you MOVING keep you MOVING and MOVE you forward Contact our Membership Team for more info

Watch out

From: Colleen
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 8:43 PM

Hi Mike

I would like to inform companies about a group of people masquerading as Municipal police and a City of Harare Inspector.  The ‘inspector’ is a tall African man, wearing a blue work dustcoat with a HM printed on the pocket. The Municipal police are dressed in uniform -  2 African men and one woman. 

They are asking to see the company’s City of Harare licences.

 When I asked the ‘inspector’ for identification and his name and work contact number, he refused.  He was arrogant and insisted he had every right to close us down if we did not show him the licences.  They came around to our work place yesterday morning, and harassed our sales man and workshop manager and threatened to close us down if we did not produce the licence, or pay them us$ 400-00.  Management  told the salesman to let them close our doors.  They said they will be back in the afternoon to see management.  They did come back in the afternoon, but I was still unavailable so they said they would come back today, being Wednesday, at 10:00.   They arrived today at 11:30 insisting I show them the licence or pay them us$ 400-00.  As I am aware that all City of Harare employees have an Identification document which they will present on request, I realised that these 4 people were not who they said they were. I played along so as not to provoke them.   I insisted on Identification, and told the police that they even should know the law, and that anyone can walk in pretending to be someone else, and so I would take the matter up personally with City of Harare, to confirm my rights.

They left when they realised I would not be cooperative.   

I went to City of Harare to report this group and have been given the following information.


Call Mrs Mawere – she is in charge of all inspectors in the Msasa area. Her number is 0772 269 864

Should anyone in Msasa have these three walk in and you are able to take of photograph of them. You can send it to Mrs. Mawere.  With no names or pictures, action is very difficult.

City of Harare have had similar incidences and take this seriously.


Colleen De Bruyn

Favebook page on ZRP

You may be aware that an excellent forum has been setup on FB at

The purpose of the group...

We have created this group because we want to bring to the attention of the "Powers that Be" the harassment that the general public is facing at road blocks on a daily basis...

We all agree that road safety is of the highest priority, and checking for unroadworthy vehicles or faulty/missing equipment is something that needs to be done. However, the unnecessary harassment of drivers, to say nothing of allegations of corruption, cannot be tolerated. To quote the ZRP itself:
“The ZRP does not tolerate corrupt elements and has both legal and administrative apparatus to eject such from its system" said Commissioner Ndebele []

We encourage you to use this group to share your experiences, whether positive or negative, but we will not tolerate abusive, offensive or insulting posts. Although you may feel like swearing, please keep it clean!

When you post something about an experience, please give the date, time and place, and, if possible, the name and number of the ZRP officer involved. You are entitled to ask for a police officer's name and number.
We will try whenever possible to provide information about your rights at road blocks, and any other information that might help.

Lastly, thanks to 'Dear Zesa...', which has proved to be an enormously successful group and gave us the inspiration to start this group, though there is no connection between the two.

So please share / tell / add all your Zim friends to this "Dear ZRP" group as we need to attain a critical mass to make an impact!

There has been some great interaction from folk country wide & the 'file Section' has all current docs that are available to the public.